My experience with INCERCO

Tolga Arkun

Foreign Trade Marketing and Sales Consultant

Tolga1 300x225I have arrived to the Spain one month a go as a guest of my precious friend Mr Francesc Renau who is the General Director of Incerco.

It was the second time for me to come to the Spain. Mr Francesc and his valuable wife Mrs Nuria Menero had visited Turkey previously and I have been impressed from our friendship very much and decided to learn Spanish Language and started to study the same intensively.We kept our friendship alive by means of internet connection continuously.I have received an offer from them due to working temporary for Incerco as a consultant and I have accepted their offer appreciately for my Spanish language practice and learning their culture.To be honest initially I had some concerns regarding my accommodation,living conditions,working conditions here.Mr Francesc picked me up from airport and we went to the home that I was going to stay in.I was astonished from the first day because they had given me a three story house with very comfortable furnishings that belong to their family!Together with I have been invited to very beautiful welcome party with delicious feast of Paella in the home of Mr Pascual M.Rodriguez Batalla who is the marketing responsible of Incerco.It is not possible to tell everything here about my good life here!But I will try to sum up with a few sentences!

For example I was very lucky for improving my Spanish because Mr Francisco Renau who is the father of Mr Francesc has helped me many times about learning this language every night with visiting me! In addition Mr Pedro Monero who is the father of Mrs Nuria Menero and Mr Raul Manuel Carda who is the father in law of Mr Francesc have helped me too many times with sharing their previous time with me! I feel very appreciated regarding this amazing hospitality here.I have established well friendships with many people here during my short life in Spain.I did not receive any negative feedback from anyone here.For instance during my experience at the language exchange bar in Valencia ;someone who is doctor and his wife invited me to their house for staying overnight although they did not know me before!All the people that I met here were persons helpful,not egoist and merry,friendly!

Besides Incerco;I came here for giving consultancy concerning foreign trade sales and marketing however I was a student here more than consultant!According to my observation;Incerco has very well,professional management with high qualified technical and administrative stuff!Everybody here executing their duties efficiently.There is a military working discipline exist at the office!There is also searching & development section which is very successful here!And one of successful result of this searching & development facility is “EasyKit Windows” ( this application it is possible to get a lots of advantages as well as easy transport,easy assembling,low costs etc.I strongly recommend this pratic product to you!

I strongly belive that the brand of Incerco is going to be a well-known brand in Europe,Africa and South America!

To sum up;I have faced a big friendship and hospitality here that I have not lived before till my current age 40! I thank you very much for these amazing people indeed! Spain is my second country from now and all Spanish people are my friends!My country Turkey is touristic country and If I will meet with Spanish people in Turkey I will try to help to them as much as I can! You are welcome to Turkey whenever you want!It is pleausure for me to host you any time!!

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